Residents Against Proposed Foram Group Starland Village Development on Bull St, Savannah, GA.

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Foram Group emails to and from City of Savannah - 2115 Bull St

In early 2017 a police traffic station building at 2115 Bull St that was in use was declared surplus and put up for sale by the city of Savannah.
However when the bid was over they never sold the property. The RFP process was cancelled and another RFP with different criteria was scheduled in August 2017.
After coming second in the first RFP, Foram Group won the second RFP in late October despite offerring a lower dollar amount.
Foram group then unveiled its Starland Village development which they have publically stated is not viable without the city selling the police station property.
Emails obtained from the City of Savannah show the developer was in contact with the city from early 2017 and requested the city sell them an in use police station.

1/28/2017 - "Dear Mayor Deloach", "I really appreciate you taking time to meet with me and coordinating a breakfast with Mr Hernandez"...

1/28/2017 - "very glad you guys drove by", "

2/8/2017 - "a conversation with the police chief to get a better understanding of where they would like to be"

2/17/2017 - "would prefer not to go through an RFP process as that is time consuming"

2/22/2017 - "street address of the building the City Manager wanter to declare surplus and made available for sale".

3/27/2017 - "we are moving forward with the surplus property transaction"... "keeping an eye out everyday for the RFP for the city property"

11/10/2017 - "I am pleased to report the City council approved the deal yesterday"

11/21/2017 - "RSVP for Eddie Deloach to attend the Foram Group celebration scheduled for December 1st"