Residents Against Proposed Foram Group Starland Village Development on Bull St, Savannah, GA.

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2115 Bull St City of Savannah Surplus Lot sale:

WJCL Feb 27, 2017: City looking to sell property in Starland neighborhood
"Neugebauer said he doesn't know what should go there, but whatever it is, should be local, like many of the businesses in the area."
"Edminster had a few suggestions including functional shops like a dry cleaner, or turning the lot into a restaurant or bar."

City of Savannah document for RFP event

"Conceptual development plans shall demonstrate the proposed project has sufficient on-site parking to meet City ordinance and development code."

"The property is zoned TC-1 within the Thomas Square overlay district"

"A complete description of allowable uses, setbacks, lot coverage, and other zoning information can be found at the Metropolitan Planning Commission website via the following link:"

City Of Savannah Bids 2115 Bull St
The city of Savannah sale of 2115 Bull St police station and adjacent lot?

What other bids/proposals for 2115 Bull St apart from Foram Group were there to the city?

Owners of Vault Restaurant offerred more money and this (Tc-1 zoning legal):

Plenty of parking, shops, apartments, stage 2 apartments over the street:

Another higher bid that fits TC-1 existing zoning (possibly Pizza place/cafe bar/,icecream shop and office on top):

Foram Group submitted Starland Village siteplan:

  • Not legal for TC-1 zoning by a long way.
  • Building footprint variances -
  • Height variances -
  • Totally insufficient parking for use
  • No chance of Live Oaks on Bull surviving building
  • Zero consultation with residents (and MPC?)

Recent Savannah Now Article: Savannah developer plans Starland live, work, play community

"The property also includes a parking lot behind the church that borders Whitaker Street, which they originally planned to use to house the residential component of the project, but after working with the Metropolitan Planning Commission and assessing the height and density those plans changed, too. “It just came down to the standpoint where it wasn’t going to be accepted and we couldn’t do it in a creative way that wouldn’t hinder Whitaker and get the units that we needed, so we decided to scrap it,” he said. Around this time the City of Savannah property across 38th Street to the north was put up for sale and the group decided to submit their bid of $687,000 to the city, which was accepted last fall."

2115 Property Information - City bought lot for $711,000 in 2002 and agreed to sell at a loss - Haven't property values gone up in this area since 2002?