Residents Against Proposed Starland Village Foram Group Development on Bull St, Savannah, GA.

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2/6/2018 - Seaboard shame and the rigged Savannah game

1/26/2018 - #12. The Village that Ate Starland

12/4/2018 - Letters to the editor Wednesday: Starland District long a success story

12/1/2018 - Savannah's Starland District - A longform multimedia feature from Savannah Morning News.

10/22/2018 - Parking Deck grows bigger and uglier, City Manager Rob Hernandez has signed COA for this:

10/22/2018 - Parking Deck Plans
10/22/2018 - Multi Family North Plans
10/22/2018 - Coa Multifmaily North
10/22/2018 - Coa Parking Garage

10/20/2018 - Colliers International - 2201 Bull Street Savannah, GA 31401 - seems all the retail and restaurant space is available despite telling residents last year they expected to have a "small grocer", wellness centre etc.

9/20/2018 - Connect Savannah - The Starland Village Files: Part Two - RFPs, zoning battle reveal tight relationship between City of Savannah and developer

9/17/2018 - Foram Group in Broward County, Rob Hernandez, Liz Taschereau

9/11/2018 - Connect Savannah - The Starland Village Files: Part One - Emails show tight relationship between developer and City officials

9/1/2018 - Clinton Edminster Moving - Days after speaking in favour of Starland Village at the MPC Edminster moved out of his rented accomodation adjacent to where the parking deck will be built!

8/31/2018 - General development plan for Savannah’s Starland Village approved - City Manager Rob Hernandez and commission member Tom Woiwode recused themselves from the vote

8/31/2018 - Plans moved ahead to sell the historic Gamble Building on Factor's Walk to the Foram Development Group, which is also behind the controversial Starland Village project.

8/29/2018 - City Talk: MPC’s Starland Village review might not matter

8/25/2018 - Site Plan Review for Starland Village Project to be on MPC’s Calendar Next Week - City Manager to sign off COA!

8/19/2018 - Letters to the editor Saturday: Suspicious of Starland Village deal

8/18/2018 - COA comments on Parking Deck from MPC - "The overall height is not visually compatible with surrounding contributing buildings. The 2-story wood framed residential buildings that surround the property are significantly lower in height; at a minimum this building should be redesigned to step down to the buildings to the south. The height also overwhelms that of the adjacent historic church, which as a monumental building, should dominant surrounding buildings due to its community significance. Although the peak of the historic church may be comparable in height to the top of the parapet height of this building, the church’s eave and tower heights are significantly lower which are the bar for the perceived overall height of the church."

8/12/2018 - Foram <> City emails show Foram asked to buy in use Police Station without RFP, Mayor introduced developer to city manager over breakfast!

8/11/2018 - Starland Village MPC Siteplan Review Scheduled for Tuesday August 28th at 1.30pm at 112 E State St

8/6/2018 - 2203 Abercorn St - another Foram Parking Deck?!

8/3/2018 - ‘Artwashing’ gentrification is a problem – but vilifying the artists involved is not the answer - interesting read about artwashing!

7/23/2018 - - Controversy over proposed Starland parking garage - neighbors in the Whitaker Street corridor last week launched a petition on

7/18/2018 - Petition - Rethink the Starland Village parking garage on West 38th and Whitaker Street. - Neighbors have started a petition against the parking garage..

7/18/2018 - Video - Rethink the Starland Village parking garage on West 38th and Whitaker Street Video

7/10/2019 - SavannahNow - Oglethorpe Lane decision impacts future

7/5/2019 - Save Oglethorpe Lane, don’t sell city’s heritage - Again the City of Savannah is selling its property to a developer with full knowlege of their plans to build outside the current zoning and damage the historic integrity or the area.

7/3/2018 - Starland Village Plans (PDF)

7/3/2018 - Judge dismisses lawsuit challenging Starland Village mixed-use development

6/25/2018 - SAVE Oglethorpe Lane Petition - The City has agreed to sell a large vacant lot in the landmark district to a private developer for the construction of a large apartment complex. This lot contains an old lane - a part of the original Oglethorpe plan that would be built right over under the construction plans. Again the city has decided to sell its property based off a developers plans for something that damages the historic integrity and doesn't fit current zoning.

6/19/2018 - City Talk: One West Victory apartments now SCAD on-campus housing - flash back to 2012 when the developers and their supporters implied that the building would largely be populated with young professionals and families

6/16/2018 - - Judge hears testimony on suit to stall Starland development - "does the city have the power to buy and sell property or not and the second issue is whether or not they have appropriately exercised their zoning powers.”

6/7/2018 - - Potential buyer’s plan for city property rejected by planning commission - City trying to make development decision based off what its property buyers would like build?

6/7/2018 - - Savannah officials, Starland Village development faces court challenge - Opponents of the Starland Village mixed-use development have not given up their attempt to stop the project

6/4/2018 - Parking garage renders:

6/4/2018 - "South Building" render:

6/1/2018 - Checkout "The Hive" CityLift Parking Structure - "The First and Only fully automated parking structure in northern california"

5/9/2018 - Savannah solicits public comment on updated zoning ordinance again - “The biggest complaint besides having the 200 zoning classifications we had was that the old zoning didn’t respect the integrity of the neighborhood,” she said. “What we saw on Bull Street is destroying the integrity of the street.”

5/9/2018 - Instagram - Starland Village T-Shirt - where do you buy one of these?!

5/1/2018 - SavannahNow - New design review process could impact large, small development - "delay might also allow a large development like Starland Village to avoid the more complex and more public design review process."

5/1/2018 - City Council 2018-04-27 - "Everybody doesn't drive fords" - Mayor explains why he is in favour of delaying Mid-City design review amendment.

4/27/2018 - Officials must identify, avoid potential conflicts - "city’s role in approving zoning amendments or variances for projects involving city-owned properties, such as Starland Village."

4/23/2018 - City Council 2018-03-29 - "We just decide to do it" - Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach explains how the city council does development without a plan.

4/23/2018 - City Council 2018-03-29 - "I'd be willing to do the spot zoning on this" - Savannah Mayor and Aldermen discuss merits of a "spot zoning" in leau of having a plan for multifamily development for the MLK/Montgomery corridor.

4/23/2018 - MPC meeting 02-20-18 - "If they do it maybe we should do it?" - Anyone who thinks Starland Village would not encourage other developers to try to build 5 story buildings in MidCity should listen to this audio clip from the 2018-02-18 MPC meeting. Harold Yellen the lawyer for the Montgomery St project talks about how they asked for 4stories but when they found out Starland Village were asking for 5 stories/65ft they asked for 5 stories for their project. They decided (given potential pushback?) at the meeting that they would withdraw that request and go with 4 stories. He also spoke about how there was not a plan for development in place and therefore lawyers like him would keep on coming and asking for zoning changes to fit their clients individual projects.

4/16/2018 - Savannah embracing new property sales tactics - "The city’s power to amend zoning restrictions has also assisted in a couple of sales."

4/3/2018 - SavannahNow - City Talk: Starland fight about development standards, not just ‘change’

4/3/2018 - Connect - Editor's Note: Growth, gentrification, and Savannah’s quiet civil war

3/30/2018 - City Hall Approves Starland Village Zoning - The amendment really struck a nerve with locals. Person after person stepped up to the podium to speak about how they felt about the development coming to the Thomas Square Neighborhood.

3/28/2018 - Starland Village developer describes project - Travis Stringer writes to the newspaper, calls own development "inspirational" and describes residents who disagree as a "small group of folks" who "spread blatant misinformation".

3/27/2018 - SDRA 2033 Event at the 2201 Bull St Church/Starland Village offers residents a glimpse into the future for surrounding streets:

3/21/2018 - Savannah Business Journal Article - Is Starland Village Another Trojan Horse in Overriding Zoning in the MIdCity Area? "Alderman at Large Brian Foster has deep concerns, and is opposed to the project on multiple levels"

3/20/2018 - Thomas Square Neighbourhood Association Survey Summary:
  • 53% of people thought the scale of the building was a detriment, only 30% supported the scale (survey was taken when the building was 4 stories it is now 5 stories).
  • 70% of respondents thought the development would have a detrimental effect on the parking and traffic situation.
  • Only 14% thought the project would not harm the tree canopy and 46% thought it would harm trees.
  • Over 66% of people were concerned about this development and other developments that might follow - that it is a "Trojan Horse".
Link to XLS file here The survey was not widely distributed and available for a very limited time.

3/10/2018 - Parking problem explained (current design numbers): After each of 96 apartments has a parking spot the building has 64 "machine" spaces left. These would need to service: staff for restaurants and bars of 2-3x the size of the Vault, people using 15500Sq ft of office space and staff for 3+ retail stores. After staff and office people there are visitors to the retail stores, bars and restaurants which could hold 300-500 customers. Also do not forget the 900 person venue that can operate till 11pm at night - 64 onsite spaces in an unwrapped 30ft automated parking garage on a residential street to cover all this.

The Official City Plans to fix inevitable parking nitemare if Starland Village is built:

  • City to eventually issue residents stickers and allow anyone to park for 3hours in residential streets near Starland Village.
  • City might try to rent the old Save-a-lot parking lot for the public to use as long as no ones using that building.
  • Look at making 38th and 39th ST one way so they can be parked on both sides and emergency vehicles can still squeeze thru.
  • Thats it! Residential sidestreets become a "3 hours max" parking lot for the development, residents have to get a sticker that says they can park for longer than three hours in their street if they can find a spot.
  • Traffic study starts April 2nd, 3 days after the development goes up for vote at the City Council meeting.
  • Contact Sean Brandon - Director of Mobility & Parking Services: with questions on parking.

3/1/2018 - Scale render of outline of development against existing structures on Bull St

2/27/2018 - "Thats what all those buildings on that corridor are going to look like" - Alderman Bill Durrence overhead talking at MPC meeting

2/27/2018 - MPC votes to approve amendments to CIV to allow 5 stories, 58 feet etc for Starland Village - not great but at least we got rid of TC-3

2/25/2018 - City Talk: How tall is too tall for ambitious new Savannah development?

MPC meeting Tue February 27, 2018 1pm - TC-3 or other zoning for Starland Village

New concept plans 2/27/2018
  • Project is now fully 5 stories/58FT high.
  • Project now mostly residential, 90+ apartments (roughly 85,000sf+).
  • 160 Offstreet parking spaces with CityLift Aisle Parking System, 3 story parking garage 30ft
  • 15,500sf Private office/coworking space
  • 13,200 sf of Retail/Restaurant space
  • Still no proper plans or images of building from rear or site from W38th or W39th St
  • Still no plans of parking garage on Whitaker/W38th.

  • Bumpouts for new trees when old trees are removed since there is no space to plant on street with building so close to sidewalk.
  • Parking garage entrance on Desoto with traffic so how is Desoto counted in street parking?
  • How do you have traffic and service access at rear? and street parking?

Siteplan Zoom / w38th st parking:
  • Traffic flow down desoto
  • Parking garage entrance on Desoto? Exit to Whitaker st!
  • Traffic lights at Desoto and W38th, W38th and Whitaker, W38th and Bull
  • Desoto was previously included in street parking but this design makes that impossible
  • Dumpsters and grease traps for restaurants etc at rear on desoto? Built out into street?
  • Bumpouts and dropoff points around building prevent spaces being used as street parking and narrow roads.
  • W38th St double parked as shown cannot fit 2 way traffic, cannot fit emergency vehicles
  • Tree on corner of W38th and Whitaker extends into (3 story) parking structure

Churchside render:
  • Building has grown to full 5 stories.
  • Building has changed from offices to apartments and been seperated from main building (venue noise issues?).
  • Rooftop open air structures have been filled in?
  • What kind of noise effects to neighbours from Rooftop bars/restaurants?

Apartments side (2115 bull)
  • Building has grown to five stories with some setbacks to upper stories.
  • Building does not appear to be setback from lot lines and still intrudes into area of Live Oaks
  • Building styles even more of a mix than before? top story looks like it came from another project?

Older renders, these are when the design was 4 stories its now 5 stories:

Found a few more renders where you can see the buildings clearer:

Church side renders, poor church:

In these images bellow the buildings are made to look smaller vs the surrounding buildings, structures are much larger than appears:

This render is unrealistic since the structures are built so close to the tree the canopy would extend into the building

Starland Village 2018